Building this web-page

Check out the source from

$ git clone
$ cd cmr

Make sure you have up to date

installations (python3 -m pip install -U ase asr sphinx). Then do:

$ cd docs/
$ make

This will download the database files and run Python scripts to create images and other stuff needed for the webpages (.svg and .csv files). This will take a couple of minutes the first time you do this. After that, Sphinx will build the html-files.


Run the tests with pytest. This will download a test database file and run some tests. The test database (cmr.db) contains one row from each of the project databases.

Modifying the pages

Edit the ReST and Python files (.rst and .py files) and then run make again and check the results:

$ make
$ make browse

When things are OK, you can git commit the updated files and the webpage will be updated automatically (happens once a day).