Database of ABX2 materials

Mohnish Pandey, Korina Kuhar, and Karsten W. Jacobsen

II–IV–V2 and III–III–V2 Polytypes as Light Absorbers for Single Junction and Tandem Photovoltaic Devices

  1. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121 (33), pp 17780–17786

The data

Key-value pairs

key description unit
Dxc Derivative discontinuity (GLLB-SC) eV
E_hull Energy of the convex hull (with respect to the most stable structure) eV
E_relative_perAtom Energy per atom (with respect to the most stable structure) eV
E_uncertanty_hull Uncertanty of the convex hull energy eV
E_uncertanty_perAtom Uncertanty of the total energy eV
GLLB_dir Direct band gap (GLLB-SC) eV
GLLB_ind Indirect band gap (GLLB-SC) eV
KS_gap Kohn Sham band gap eV
TB09_dir Direct band gap (TB09) eV
TB09_ind Indirect band gap (TB09) eV
lattice Crystal system  
m_e Effective electron mass \(m_e\)
m_h Effective hole mass \(m_e\)
phase Phase: Z=-zinckblende, WZ=wurtzite, KT=wz kesterite, ST=wz stannite, CP=zb chaclopyrite  
short_name Short chemical formula  
total_en Total energy (mBEEF) eV


mBEEF energies and the corresponding uncertainties for three phases:

# creates: enthalpy.png
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from ase.db import connect

db = connect('abx2.db')
names = sorted(row.short_name for row in'ST'))
x = np.arange(len(names))


for phase, mark, color in zip(['KT', 'ST', 'CP'], 'osv', 'rbg'):
    y = []
    dy = []
    for row in, sort='short_name'):
    plt.errorbar(x, y, yerr=dy, color=color, fmt=mark, label=phase)

y = []
dy = []
for row in'ST', sort='short_name'):
plt.errorbar(x, y, yerr=dy, color='k', fmt='x', label=r'$\Delta E$')
plt.xticks(x, names, rotation=70)
for xx in x:
    plt.axvline(xx + 0.5, color='lightgrey')
plt.axhline(0, color='grey')
plt.xlim(-0.5, x[-1] + 0.5)
plt.ylabel(r'$E$ [eV/atom]')
plt.savefig('enthalpy.png', bbox_inches='tight')